Immortals choice

From the depths of his heart,
He searched for a new life;
Lying that everything will be fine,
Even while his neck was on the knife.

He had known the pain of death,
Knew how it had taken his wife;
As well as the parents who were old,
And had gone to sleep with a smile.

But now the time was different,
In this twenty-second century;
When immortality was a common thing,
And death was not of relevance.

The fertility rate had dropped low,
That was something you give up;
If you had chosen to be immortal,
You won’t have any child luck.

As life continued without hassles,
It was a dream come true;
With immortality came such resistance,
That no diseases could effect you.

The philosophers said there was one drawback,
The only thing that pushed us back;
Was that people were immortal,
So there wasn’t progress in thinking ahead.

Alas, every thing has a pro and con,
At times it seems that the pros are more;
But as time passes and is seen,
You realize that the cons have pros shadowed.

It’s a trade that you will have to make,
To choose a life that is long;
Or to have a generation that is new,
What will you choose, to write this new song.

– Siddarth

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