Insecurity within

In the mighty world of today,
Everyone feels the same;
People can’t trust the neighbors,
Or even those with whom they stay.

Our eyes have become so biased,
We love to see something beautiful;
And yet close our heart for them,
Whom we actually need to pull.

Even in the same apartment,
People hardly get to talk;
How will they ever know,
What the other does in his walks.

One is robbing the bank,
While the other might be ordinary;
One is stacking away cash,
While other doesn’t have a worry.

Even the friends are so insecure,
Because their partners can cheat;
Is this the level of trust you want?
Such a relation is completely beat.

How did people become so insecure,
Why have they lost their faith;
They are willing to donate thousands in temples,
Yet hesitant to give one on a beggars plate?

Then there are such attacks around,
That targets different countries everyday;
People killing in the name of religion,
Spreading to everyone their radical way.

Why do we wish for heroes,
When we can ask for help;
Rather than having the easy solution,
We look for the lonely way, welp.

Why and how was this born,
This insecure feeling that we keep;
When and why did our heart stop,
The warmth that was once so deep.


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