Respect, No?

In a country like ours,
Whom do we respect;
Do we even see how,
Or what are our behaviors effect.

We ride through the lights,
Thinking that it is “cool”;
Abusing the traffic laws,
And calling who follow it, a ‘fool’.

We spit on the roads,
Or throw the trash on it;
Not thinking that it’s our country,
And we should make it lit.

We don’t care about our police,
Or, for that matter, even our military;
Not even appreciating them as they pass,
Oh, we only criticize them as they bury.

We don’t care about our politics,
Nor for the politicians we care about;
Looking at the corruption and damages,
We gave up hope and the voice to shout.

When did we stop caring about places,
Even the places we ourselves live;
We pollute our own air and rivers,
And then comment how polluted it is.

We give way if it’s the car of a politician,
But we don’t care about an ambulance;
Because, of course, the power of politics,
Is more significant than the critical person’s glance.

We are scared to help anyone,
Leaving them to fight their own battles;
But doing such has raised the crime rate,
These wolves often catch the people, the cattle.

We have stopped respecting each other,
Or anyone in this diverse country;
We blame different religions for mistake,
But don’t even follow our own religion.

What does the future hold in a place like this,
Is it bright or this is going to get worse;
How will the people change in this country,
Will they spread happiness or will they curse?