wish for more

At this point of life, everyone wishes,
The people near me, and around me;
I am sure they have this one thing in common,
They all keep wishing, wanting to be free.

This lady, who is quite beautiful,
Sat on the bench, wishing for youth;
As she watched the people pass by,
She wished for a miracle, a beauty loot.

A youth passed by, on the skateboard,
He wished to have better grades;
He thought how delightful will that make his parents,
Even though it didn’t matter to him at all.

The youth passed a beggar on his way,
Who wished for that skateboard for free;
And also the things inside the youth’s bag,
But not the knowledge he couldn’t see.

As the beggar crossed the road,
A Bentley stopped right before him;
The driver looked at the peaceful beggar,
And wished for that comfort within.

A Honda was trailing that Bentley,
Oh, How the driver longed for that car;
That speed, and that sound could make,
Everything shake in vicinity or far.

The driver’s wife in the Honda car,
Really wished that her husband would look;
Look the same way at her, like he did,
With thirsty eyes, he was a open book.

The wife received a text from her daughter,
Who was wishing to see her mom;
Mom hadn’t visited her since the past six months,
And it felt lonely at the dorm.

The guy who rode the bike everyday,
From in front of that very dorm;
So that he could sneak a peek of that girl,
Whom he didn’t have the courage to call.

The dog barked in the darkness,
As the guy passed him in the bike;
He wished he had some bones,
To chew on, and spend the night.

And yet the eagle saw it, from above,
It wished had stronger claws;
So that it could catch the dog,
Considering how small a rat was.

So as I said, we all keep wishing,
Wishing for something more;
Not considering the things we have,
We dive in to make a glorious lore.


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