Seven Sins

Let’s write about it today,
The sins that no one would want;
And yet, it is there in us,
Unintentionally, we do make a bond.

First comes the pride,
A little bit is fine;
But too much can cause,
To kill any relation’s shine.

The next comes the envy,
Which causes you to hate;
And you are never satisfied,
Because you want what others have.

Third is gluttony,
Which makes you slow;
Just eating all the time,
Will never let you glow.

Lust is another one,
Which comes with creepiness;
Drowning so beneath,
That you lose your manliness.

The next one comes any time,
Depending on your character;
Whether you are at office or party,
Anger can be the worst director.

Now you want money,
However much isn’t enough;
Greed has encased your heart,
It doesn’t let you donate, or love.

As the name suggests,
Sloth will come at the last;
Even if it’s a feet or two,
Like a koala you are fast.

So these are the seven sins,
That each of us have;
Depending whether little or more,
Defines how we behave.


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