Devil within

What do you do, when you don’t write,
The reason to write, isn’t there anymore;
The time passes, and people forget,
What you had written in the devils lore.

I hear the devil, who asks my name,
But when I look up, there isn’t anyone;
As I continue my work, I hear again,
“I will show myself, when we’re done.”

I tell my name, and yet it’s quiet,
It then asks me why I am alone;
“But that’s how it has always been”,
I reply to it what I have known.

In that case, let’s become friends,
And I am surprised to hear such a word;
Why would anyone want to be with me,
Even more, why a friend to a nerd.

Tempting was the offer, I couldn’t resist,
And ended up making a pact with the devil;
For as long as I am here in this world,
The devil will be my side, sadness or revel.

It was okay at first, nothing happened,
Until that night, Anger consumed me;
The devil took on the reins and guided,
My actions, as I killed anyone I could see.

Oh, what was that feeling when I came back,
In blood and bruises, I was surrounded;
What I chanced, it took time to gather,
And when I realized, my fear was unfounded.

I had a notion, but didn’t believe it,
What was in the mind, had actually happened;
So then, where was the devil, as I saw,
The covered bodies, no one can mend.

As I asked myself, why did this happen,
The devil whispered slowly, I helped;
I helped you spread your emotions, right?
And all I did was cry, and feel the guilt.

Wasn’t it better, when I was alone,
I wondered again in the prison cell;
This time the devil didn’t reply,
And now it was as quiet as hell.


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