The fake reality

When I look in your eyes,
All I can find is pride;
Even though you talk about love,
Why does it feel like a lie.

You help the needy,
Although it is rare;
Is it to support them,
Or just a publicity fair.

Then you visit temples,
To pray to the Gods;
And of course to,
Gain some religious votes.

You work so hard,
That’s what you show;
But at the end here,
You want the money flow.

There are so many,
Who are similar to you;
They talk about love,
But actually love are few.

As they criticize the road,
They blame the government;
At the same time they spit,
Right at its center.

Then they hate, and abuse,
The government and its work;
While forgetting in the process,
They were the ones who chose.

This world is filled with,
Such double faced people;
Who say something nice,
But mean to cripple.

And so, do you still think,
We are heading right;
The world, as it is now,
Won’t lead to a massive fight.


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