Change is taking place,
At every moment of life;
Whether it is loving someone,
Or holding one by the knife.

It is happening, always,
Not stopping even for a sec;
As you drive to work,
Or are a victim in a wreck.

It doesn’t stop for anyone,
Me, You or even the President;
So think clearly what you do,
Because this will be irreversible.

Don’t overthink, but don’t be sudden,
At least not on major matters;
As the tree grows, always notice,
Change can also make it erode.

As the world keeps changing,
I wonder where we are headed;
Is it a life of light or darkness,
So make your every action remember.



  1. “Don’t overthink, but don’t be sudden”– true. Nice written actually. Really changing process can’t be stopped. Rather we have to cope with, though sometimes it is hard to do.

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