What if

A strange topic given by a friend, let me try something on this.

Our minds are the main reason,
As they think the ‘what if’;
Without considering the solution,
We are stuck in this fit.

What if she doesn’t show up,
Will this date go as planned;
What if the customer doesn’t order,
Will all this effort go to waste?

From the moment you are born,
No, the moment you start thinking;
There is this ‘what if’ in our senses,
That keeps doubting without blinking.

Agreed, that what if saves you at times,
Be it fear to enter a cage of lions;
The hesitation to ask the right question,
Or the choice to pick the right shine.

But I believe the pros are less,
And what keeps the mind are cons;
So stop with all the ‘What ifs’,
And keep calm till night dawns.


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