Wander Away

Seeing the stars in the night,
Strangely I miss the sun;
There are thousands in the sky but,
That ‘one’ glows brighter than anyone.

And I keep searching for that,
As I walk through this endless night;
I wonder if it is something or someone,
That keeps asking me to continue this fight.

At last, I see your soothing smile,
But is it the real thing or is it fake?
The questions lingers on in my mind,
As I continue to stare at that face.

The worries evaporated, the mind calmed,
Clearly, you are no less than an angel;
As you walk past me, I stutter,
And gather the courage to ask your name.

Before you say anything, it is broken,
The dream was lost as I was awoken;
With tears rolling down, I raise up my arms,
Still trying to hold on to that feeling.

I come out of the shower and clean the mirror,
Slowly, shivering, staring deep into my eyes;
Wanting to know what is this empty feeling,
I keep standing there, waiting for an answer.

The phone rings again, and I come back to life,
Knowing what’s going to happen today;
I wear my clothes, and pack the office bag,
Picking up a doughnut on the way.

Still another day that I need to pass,
Another day to have the food truck lunch;
As your colleagues talk about life and work,
The mind wanders away with those feelings again.


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