The effortless Mind

You keep thinking all the time,
Whether it is good or bad;
Going through the phases of life,
You realize what you didn’t have.

Initially everything was so simple,
You had to be awake and look;
You cried at times, laughed at others,
Your thoughts were like an open book.

Then you learned to walk,
Oh how tedious a job it was;
And you made new friends,
Even had the choice to choose your food.

Till now you have learned a lot,
And you are in elementary school;
As you make more friends,
You realize enemies are also born.

In high school you have learned all texts,
But girlfriends and colleges fill you up;
As you scram to get the best scores,
With sleepless nights tired as fuck.

Now in college you hangout and chill,
What could be more comfortable than this;
TV Shows, parties and games,
With all that your life is filled.

Now towards the end of college,
You scram again to find a job;
You regret all those sleepless nights,
Spent in parties and not in study hall.

Now at the job you are responsible,
For a particular department and people;
You hold your head high and think,
Was what I studied in college worth at all?

As people marry, and have kids,
Settling down in a particular town;
The heart grieves because of loneliness,
And you focus on getting the promotion ahead.

Oh mind, just what are you?
You keep learning throughout the time;
Yet the most important question is a riddle,
That why were you sent to live this life?


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