The Basic question

When I think about you, life,
There are only two questions in my mind;
‘Why did I come to this place?’
‘And when and how will I find?

For I go through you everyday,
And life, you live in my veins;
The things I see, the words I hear,
You are in every single thing.

And as I think, there must be a reason,
An objective of me being here;
although the questions lingers on in mind,
The answer seems no where.

After a while a new question comes,
Should I be thinking about it like that?
Or should I just enjoy the time I have,
And leave the thinking to everyone else.

Live in the present, that is what they say,
But how you do a thing like that;
When you need money to struggle,
And be depicted as the earnest man.

So the question still remains there,
Floating by itself, like some ignored feather;
It is always present there in the wind,
And has no place to settle in this troubled weather.

Maybe I will try meditating a little,
For that is the best way to come up;
Ignore the worldly troubles for ten min,
And let the inner thoughts fill the cup.


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