The faded light

Should I write the words that inspire,
Or should I write the truth;
But are those two different things?
It depends on your perspective.

Since you were born you have felt that light,
The slight ache in the back of your mind;
The moment you do something wrong,
Or the time you were not kind.

For no man is a holy one,
And nor are the women;
We both are equal in this life,
Both are good with a sword or a pen.

So both see this fading light,
That was once bright when born;
But as the life passed us by,
It has changed to its shriveled form.

Is it true then, throughout our life,
We face such disastrous calls;
Although there are the goods ones too,
We remember mostly the horrific falls.

Now do you question yourself,
Which I am sure you must;
For you and I, both are human,
As together we live in this world of ‘lol’

All I say is have the light,
Even if it isn’t a holy one;
For having a light and helping in kind,
Is much greater than a church hall.

I apologize if I have hurt,
Since I am not a religious soul;
All I want is a little happiness,
For everyone in this world of all.


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