The helpful lies

When is it that you lie,
And when is it considered right;
All the theories of truth,
Aren’t always related to good.

A criminal lies of his crime,
So he can pass the sentence;
For being out and living a life,
Is how he can climb the bank’s fence.

A student lies for his friend,
Saying that the other didn’t cheat;
Saving them from the situation,
Where parents are called to show this feat.

A parent lies to his child,
That he will surely spend the day;
Even when they know that office is long,
And that they can be home no way.

The boy lies to his mother,
About where he is hanging out;
Because it is with his girlfriend,
Spending, how, others might doubt.

A friend might give up on this girl,
Whom his best friend likes;
Because it is better to give up on this,
Rather than lose an old friend.

A person in a job might lie,
That they are in love with this;
Because of the high salary,
Every tough hour is a bliss.

And this is how we live our life,
It is but half of lies;
Some feel something, but say the other,
As the luster in our eyes, slowly dries.


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