What is this feeling of uneasiness,
This emotion that presents everyday;
Is it because I don’t have a reason,
Or a goal, let alone the correct way.

Is it because I lock it inside,
These feelings that rock my mind;
Whether it is love, hate or celebration,
I don’t let others know what I find.

As I wake up, I think about life,
How can I know, what can be done;
What is the right decision to make,
What is it that I need to learn.

This feeling of uneasiness that hangs around,
Keeping me up till two in the night;
Is it because I haven’t find that someone,
To keep myself from this loneliness or fright.

Or is it because I don’t talk much,
Working like a robot all the time;
Putting the career in front of relations,
Without caring to be friendly or kind.

Whatever it is, I want to stop,
This notion that something is missing;
Thinking, I am not complete yet,
Not even knowing how to fix it.

So laying on the bed, I ask you, life,
Give me the reason for my arrival;
I am sure there must be one, and,
Who is the friend, the love or the rival.


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