Five impressions

As you are born, you feel the warmth,
The beauty of life, in the touch of a hand;
And you get mesmerized by a lot,
That you wrap your fingers around like a band.

Words can’t be spoken, and you feel thirsty,
And without a word, a hand hugged you close;
You tasted something for the very first time,
As you sucked the breast and gulped very slow.

As time moved on, you open your eyes,
Looking at the things that were around you;
And suddenly saw a bearded face,
Showing the most beautiful smile.

With half closed eyes, your ears tingle,
What is this strangely melodic sound;
“Is that person singing it for me?”
Love and charisma was here that I found.

Then is the time you first say ‘maa’,
Or ‘mom’ or ‘mama’ as some might say;
Have you seen a smile with tears,
As beautiful as it was on your mother’s face.

And finally you could use them all,
The five important senses of your body;
Laugh, cry, happy, sad, victory and more,
You suddenly felt all these in a single go.


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