Fighting back

It is what resides in our heart,
What makes us human and alive;
Something that is from the start,
Fighting back, makes us drive.

You start the day sleeping in bed,
Fighting back the urge to sleep more;
You reluctantly put on the slippers,
And quietly do the morning chore.

During the way to work, you do it again,
Fighting back the urge to explore that street;
Or that restaurant, or that attraction,
Suppressing the thoughts, you feel so beat.

You are called to meet the boss,
Something had went wrong, who knows;
You are asked to make it right, fighting back,
The urge to speak up that it wasn’t your fault.

During lunch you still have too much work,
Not even a second to leave your chair;
As the windows keep switching to excel sheets,
You fight back your stomach’s glare.

As you see your colleagues leave,
You put up a smile to say goodbye;
As the lights go off one by one,
You fight back to stand your ground.

As you reach home late, switch on the lights,
You fight back to watch the TV Series;
The one you have been wanting for so long,
But more pending things are written on the diaries.

You see, it happens every single day,
With each and every person you see;
They might not be similar to us,
But you will find them wearing the same tee.


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