The Infection

I cling to you at all times,
Whether it is sad or happiness;
Looking for the right moment,
I strike suddenly to make a mess.

You feel lazy the next morning,
Waking up with a light head;
As you try to get up from bed,
You struggle to stand on your leg.

You sit again on the bed,
Relaxing for a little while;
Then get up to get hot water,
Oh, those ten feet feel like a mile.

You look for the thermometer,
To check your burning temperature;
And it comes a Hundred and one,
Even in this cold weather.

It’s time to clean up and eat,
Before the doctor’s appointment;
There goes another Hundred dollars,
Just because of some new infection.

Getting ill is surely a problem,
However small or big it might be;
Being helpless is not the best feeling,
Neither is having lots of medicine the key.

So exercise for at least a bit,
To keep your heart pumping;
It also helps you fight the diseases,
That otherwise are always up to something.


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