Will exhaustion ever rule the world?

It hits you in the face,
When you are least expecting it;
Slowing your movements,
Exhaustion comes to all, lazy or fit.

While you are in the field,
And running for the ball;
It slows you down after sometime,
To be substituted is your call.

As you are in a competition,
Whether shogi or chess or league;
The stress exhausts your mind,
Before you finish the siege.

To a driver in the truck,
It makes him dull after a while;
Not able to drive properly,
He has to rest and park in the side.

It hits a student who is writing a test,
Thinking carefully as he starts it;
By the end, the hands are tired,
Even the mind is exhausted.

A new parent looks at the child,
Knowing it might cry any time;
Feeding it is not a tough process,
But it is certainly the most exhaustive.

So exhaustion hits us all, whether big or small,
Without looking at the money;
It is what unites us internally,
And what gives us sleep when we are lonely.


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