Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean,
You earn different things as you grow;
As a baby it is different than as a man,
I wonder, what does life want to show.

When you are born, you are held,
You are embraced and pampered;
You earn the love of everyone,
During your tears or your happiness.

As you grow up, you earn trust,
Be it the trust of your friends;
Or the trust of your teachers,
And also the people you live with.

When you get a job, you earn more,
Especially earning money is the charm;
The more you have, the more fun it is,
After all, luxury can’t be bought without it all.

As you learn working, and the real world,
You earn the most common thing;
What you earn is experience from everything,
So mark it and never dismiss it as a trash job.

As you work more, you earn respect,
And mind you, it is not just the work;
But being sincere and perseverance gets it,
Else everybody had earned this lot.

As you grow older, you earn comfort,
It is time for you to relax;
Let those kids and grand kids handle it,
You did a good job earning it all.

In the end, you earn the righteous peace,
The salvation that is for all of us;
Here comes the cycle of life and death,
Probably sending us again to repeat the fuss.


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