Sleep: A bliss. A need.

What is the most peaceful moment,
The time when you don’t think;
Or rather you stay in this fantasy world,
That is nothing but a passing dream.

Sleep is a boon for some,
And for some it makes you weak;
For some it rests your body,
While for others it adds to the grief.

For an athlete, sleep is recovery,
The time to grow from a day of practice;
While for a researcher, it is a need,
The time to relax so you can work again.

Some do it to relax there skin,
To have the glow for the next day;
While some do it to wave of their hunger,
As it allows you to regain some lost energy.

For soldiers it is more like a curse,
To need sleep while active on duty;
Whereas the politicians have the bigger role,
And yet, usually sleep without a worry.

Sleep is different things for different people,
The meaning of it even changes with time;
We keep on living and achieving until,
That eternal sleep brings peace to all.

-Siddarth Jain

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