Amritsar train tragedy

This is so sad. My prayers are with the victims. 😭

I really wish tere is a barter law in the country for outdoor events such as this, demonstration or anything else. Laws on where it can take place, the area assigned and so on!

This is a #shockingaccident, and Who is to blame?

Who can give back the lives of those more than 50 people killed? And several more who experienced this trauma!?

Let this be #notaboutpolitics for once, and give the right thoughts to how things can be improved in this growing country.

India is my country and I love it! Let’s try to #improve the things that aren’t correct.

Tell me, whoever organized the event, what are you going to say to those 50+ people and there families? Can you bring them back?

#AmritsarRailAccident #AmritsarTragedy #TrainAccident #India

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