Can’t find Motivation?

Waking up in the morning,
You are the first thing I desire;
Even letting go of the soft blanket,
Is tough without your presence sire.

Motivation, having you in life,
Helps you out a great deal;
For some it is the trophy at top,
For others it’s to earn a meal.

For some, there just isn’t any,
However hard they try to find it;
Neither at home, nor at work,
They don’t know how to be lit.

Looking for it they cross the land,
Going faraway, to unknown places;
Trying to find a trace of it,
And understanding life as time paces.

Perhaps they can’t find it outside,
Because it was always inside them;
To help people and fight for justice,
Is all the motivation they had needed.

So they develop and learn,
Much more than you can imagine;
Fighting, Struggling and sighing,
Earning for the world is a win.


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