The Correct choice?

When you were a child,
It was all about the score;
Not even noticing the friends,
Who slowly left your door.

Now in a job, it’s different,
Money or promotion is the desire;
This is the atmosphere everywhere,
No one is ever content, sire.

How do you choose, what is better,
The option A that gives you money;
Or B that gives you comfort,
Which one, do you think, is sunny?

What is the required list,
To follow step by step;
And have a better day,
Without a single mess.

Which is the right way,
The correct direction to live;
Where you don’t think about,
To lie down again or be active.

Out of the seven billion,
You hold on to a single hand;
At times you question it,
Other times you waive it sad.

Tell me, is there a better day,
To enjoy and to relax;
Just a deep breath and some music,
Or hanging out with a few pals.


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