What matters more is to win,
To win at this game called life;
To be better and wealthier,
From anyone who is in sight.

And they say, it’s a sham,
The money, the competition;
If not for that then tell me,
Why else did you learn?

Yearning to score better,
A student studies all night;
Thinking that it will be okay,
Just after this one time.

Fast forward to the current job,
There are more sleepless nights;
Whether in sales or an entrepreneur,
Do you enjoy even a little time?

At the end, there is a regret,
Not a regret of wanting to enjoy;
But of not having achieved more,
Such is the heart without a joy.

All I ask is to think a little,
What is it that you want to do;
Is it money and promotion you want,
Or a satisfaction similar by-passing a long queue.


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