Passed: Triple Talaq Bill

Is it a bliss that the Triple Talaq bill has passed Lok Sabha?

Most people while applauding the bill have condemned one major issue in the bill, which is the criminalizing of the Triple Talaq offense. Rather than keeping it a civil offense, the punishment has been changed to criminal i.e. the men involved with such issues as Triple Talaq might face Jail time. However, no other religion has had such a harsh punishment in this category as of now.

At the same time, it is a big win for Muslim women, who can finally get a chance to state their opinions and reasons in the court and not let any men cheat or ridicule them by saying a mere three words.

A few opinions are of the fact that the bill has been hastely passed in the Lok Sabha due to the upcoming 2019 political elections, and gain the votes of Muslim individuals in the country.
At the same time it is to be noted that Mr. Amit Shah tweeted “This is a historic step ensuring equality and dignity for the Muslim women. Congress and other parties must apologise for decades of injustice towards Muslim women.The usage of such words and linking political parties in the same makes you question the very intent of passing the bill.

Reference: Times of India – Triple Talaq Bill BJP lauds

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