Drive Carefully… Esp on highways with no reflectives!

haryana road accident ambala chandigarh

A 50 vehicle pile up happened in Ambala, Haryana on Saturday morning (December 29th), killing seven people and injuring more than four people. As per the initial investigations, a truck coming from the opposite direction, rammed into two cars on the Ambala-Chandigarh National Highway due to poor visibility owing to heavy fog.

Bus and Truck drivers have been called out several times in India due to their rash driving, with accidents happening frequently.
“The victims, who were in two cars, were on their way from Chandigarh to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. They had stopped on the highway as one of the cars developed a snag and the heavy vehicle rammed into their cars from behind in the heavy fog.”

Police said the driver of the unidentified heavy vehicle escaped from the spot. Such is the human behavior, running away from the incident even after making such a serious mistake. Hopefully justice will be served soon.

At the same time, what is the best way to stop any such incidents from happening in the future? Use of proper reflectives, side-rails along the roads are things that the government should consider while making national highways. At the same time strict regulations should be placed on speed especially that of heavy vehicles.

Reference: 7 killed in Ambala-Chandigarh highway

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