Pushing or Pushed

Is there a way to live the life,
Pushing or Pushed is the choice;
Human, what have you thought about it,
Or you merely seek the attention of the crowd.

Struggles everyday, meddle with us,
Just how long do you think you can persist;
After all this time, it is the same problem,
Trusting others or not, still a question?

My way is right, your mind thinks that,
But still need to hear the others view;
Understanding the suggestions, acting on it,
Will it work now, after all this purview?

Hastily, go put it to action,
Hoping to reach to the correct solution now;
After all, its been years of trying,
What should I do, and how?

Indeed, there is a way to live the life,
To keep pushing is the key;
Whether it is a success or a failure,
Lessons are learned, whatever you see.


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