Book Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Interesting. Although the explanations seem a bit long at times, I believe it points out the main points that a person shouldn’t be doing.
Obviously no one is perfect, and after reading the book you will realize that you probably do more than a couple of points that have been explained, however, it never is bad to point out what exactly is the wrong or right in your thought process.

It is interesting how the author Amy Morin explained all the points with considerable amount of examples, particularly taking instances and problems from her own life as well as her patients, marking the issues as well as the solutions in the case.

Most of the points mentioned are ones that I am sure readers have had the opportunity to have heard from someone, perhaps an elder. However, until and unless given an example along with it, it doesn’t feel ‘worthy’ enough to be implemented/corrected in your own life. I believe that is the strength of this book in particular.

The book: Buy at Amazon

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