A day of thoughts

Adam said:

Going through life you realize that you have left so many things. Some emotions, time with family, a relationship, living in it’s own right. You left so many things just to achieve your own dreams, to get your head wrapped around those feasible ideas that you had always thought were possible. And yet, when you look around now, you aren’t able to find the thing you wanted the most initially. That is to say, your happiness. Because after all, it was always there hidden behind your own smile. Nowhere else. Not in the stack of those $100 bills or behind the wheel of that convertible. It might have been on the lips of the girl who broke up, or in the tears of the parents who saw you after years.

The charm of that young night when you held the hands, the scent of the air when you dived in her eyes and the warmth of the head that rested on your shoulder. All was for them that you had risen, they were the reason that you had left everything to focus on the dreams, and yet. In the end, neither the dreams and nor the past moments were enough for that happiness.

Right now, all I do is to pray for the light as it shines on others, God provide me with the fight to survive the life. After all, there are still so many moments to cherish and even more to store as faithful memories, as pictures on the phone and videos on the recorder.

Sid replied:

You, for sure, need to give up on your phone. And READ.

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