Journal #1

This is something I am starting today, February 18th, so pardon me if I make mistakes. From what I know, people usually write about their day in their journals.

Today started normal with the usual laziness to do exercise, although I am glad it was done finally. Freelectics is quite interesting, if I may say. College was boring yet again but need to still continue for another year to get a degree. It should be over before I know it. Presentations are the toughest deal, and I still need to overcome that.

After having lunch, went for work. What a relief finally being able to clear up so many mails and sending Lab Dips! Later on discussed for a vacation trip to Africa or Japan in March (I wonder if this is possible, how long does visa even take?).

Lessons learned: Keep on going, no matter what. Especially things that have already started.

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