Journal #5

“Adopt a never-give-up attitude. Learn fromyour mistakes, but always stay determined to pursue your dreams and achieve success.” – Manny Khoshbin

February 24th, Day 5. It’s been a very tiring day. Actually on the weekends, even though you don’t do any work, you feel so tired (Maybe the body gets so used to working on weekdays that just being lousy all day feels tiring 😐).

A Sunday is no exercise day, so slept till late. Then got ready for a religious task, had a good breakfast with kheer (rice pudding). Since then it was just a lousy day, doing nothing and thinking about my career path in life. Truly when your mind has nothing to do, it begins to question its own choices and existence. So never be too free!

Actually there is also parents anniversary tomorrow so I went to shop for a gift only to return empty handed. Don’t you think choosing a gift is one of the hardest task? You need to think of the person will appreciate it and find it useful or not. In the end, I decided to think carefully and give them at a later date.

I also have to complete an assignment that is to be submitted tomorrow, hopefully I will finish it before I sleep.

On the bright side, I did finally fix upon a career path (it was on my mind since the past month), so let’s hope for the best. And of course, put in more effort!

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