A Talented Escape – 1

Rohan looked at the orange sky, a time when the sun had begun to set. He could only imagine the breeze outside, watching the branches of the trees shake with the wind.

Tuition classes were never interesting for Rohan, and it didn’t seem he wanted to put an effort in them either. He had always thought, “Why is it that I go to school in the morning and then again study similar topics in tuition for another three hours? I wish I could do something interesting.

However the thoughts of a 11th standard student from a middle class family were not often considered in the Indian society, where most people were pursuing fields such as Computer Science, Engineering and Medical. Rohan wanted to be different. He had always wondered about the arts, had participated in school plays, scored perfect in his music or Arts classes, and was often cheered for having talent in the same.

He had thought about quitting the Tuition classes, which were demanding huge sum of money, and instead work on his talent. And yet he was often told that “What is the use of Arts or theater or music as they can’t get you a job, or that the world is too competitive in those fields to even earn a penny“.

So he continued with those classes, often wondering about the things outside the window, missing class notes and concepts at the same time. As anyone would predict, in the first tuition test, he scored in the lower 50 percent of the group, and he was scared as to what will his parents say after the score were sent to them (As per the tuition policy, all test scores were also messaged to the parents of the student).

He was sure that by the time he enters the house that evening, his parents would already know about the score. Scared of being reprimanded, he walked around his house for another hour so that to enter around 8 pm, only when all members of his family had started having dinner.

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