Journal #10

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Finally the 10th day, March 6th.

Today started okay with some Freelectics. Then went to college for a couple of classes, it feels like it is getting boring by the day. On that note, I still need to throw a birthday party for people, maybe watching ‘Captain Marvel’?

Then went to office with my cousin brother (he manages the unit in Kolkata). Office was pretty normal today, replying to mails, samples were getting ready and should be dispatched by tomorrow, reporting a few complaints to supplier and thinking more on how to get things organized.

At times it feels like the pressure from doing both the college work and office work is too much. I suppose that was the reason my mind just went blank after returning home from office. So I just kept to myself, had dinner and watched youtube.

Still, Never give up. Keep moving forward!

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