What is success for you?

Indeed. Everyone says, “I want to be successful.”, but the definition of success for everyone is different.
For some people, success is getting more money, buying a new car, a new house, a new wife, and so on. For some, it is more on the spiritual level when you feel more satiated, satisfied, calm and at peace. For some it is just seeing the happiness of others or donating in charities. For some, success is traveling around the world. There are different ways of success, and we usually hold different definitions of the same. For a lion, it is catching the prey, for a mosquito, it is sucking some blood and for a koala, it is getting a good amount of sleep.

At the same time, success is simply defined as “gaining something for yourself”. Now it can be anything as we saw above.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

My main topic is what is success for you? Is it life, spiritual, money or something/someone else? In the same way, you can’t perceive what is success for others whether rich or poor, tall or short and thin or fat. Everyone has different targets/goals/visions.

Take five minutes of today, close your eyes and think where you want to be.
Take another five minutes and write down where you want to be.
Take another five minutes and write how you plan to get there. A practical approach.
Take just five minutes and review the plan, cross it out and write again.
Take five more minutes and think about how will it feel like when you get there.

That’s it. Just 25 minutes of your day. Repeat this exercise until you are fixated upon where you want to be. Then you will want it more. And achieving it will make you happier.

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