Forgotten Soul.

“There is a sound in my mind, it wakes me up, it talks to me when I am feeling low, it asks me to eat when I am hungry, it tells me to drive slowly and with caution, it scolds me when I make a stupid mistake and it consoles me when I lose something”, Richard told his psychologist.

The psychologist was listening to Richard intently and couldn’t help but smile. “Please go on”, he told the 30 year old man, sitting on the sofa, explaining his situation.

“Is it just me? Does this happen with other people as well? I am thankful for this voice but it creeps me that I don’t know who it is. Why does this happen?”, said Richard, resting his forehead on his hands.

The psychologist was intrigued. He didn’t know if Richard was plain stupid or too innocent.

Richard continued, “It is always there for me, helping me out in every situation, celebrating with me when needed. But I can’t even thank this person because I can’t see him. I can’t even ask him why he helps me out. It is just… there.”


Richard looked at the doctor and asked, “Can you say something? Please?”

The psychologist was quiet. He was staring at Richard and couldn’t think anything else but this: It’s so simple. People always look for a person outside, but they can just meet the best possible person with there soul. It sounds so simple and yet, most of us have already forgotten or lost the meaning of soul. And even more of us have lost the voice of soul.

After a two minutes of silence, in which time Richard has asked him to say something at least five times, the psychologist replied at last, “You are so lucky.”

This surprised Richard. He hadn’t expected an answer like that. How on earth can he be lucky? Did the psychologist not hear a single word that he just said? Ah! I knew this was going to be a waste of time. So no result in the end.

The psychologist repeated, “You are so lucky.” He looked straight into Richard’s eyes and continued, “Not many people, in fact it is very rare in the times we are living for a person to hear that voice. It is, no doubt, the voice of your soul that is guiding you. But sadly most of us, including me, have formed a habit to ignore that voice and with continued ignorance, that voice has stopped saying anything to us. Many of us are living a hopeless life searching for an external source to remove this loneliness. But you are so lucky Richard.” He closed his eyes, took a deep sigh and looked at Richard again. “I actually learned from you. I need to try to start communicating with that voice again. I am sure if I am persistent, it will respond.”

Richard heard all this and couldn’t help but smile. “I didn’t realize this. Wow. I don’t have any words to say.”

And the conversation continued for another ten minutes. After that the bell rang. It was the end of session and time for him to chat with another patient. He said his goodbyes to Richard and walked back in, preparing himself for the new patient and… forgetting about the past.

⁃ Siddarth

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