“There is this song that is stuck in my head since tomorrow. I have listened to it countless times now hoping that it will stop reverberating in my mind but that didn’t help. What should I do?”, said an annoyed Paru, “I can’t even get my mind to study properly.”

“Which song is it this time Paru?”, asked a in-surprised Disha, “How many times has it happened with you now.”

Paru looked at her with a grim face and replied, “It’s the new song Call Me Maybe. Don’t taunt me like that. This song is different. I feel more one with this song. I feel..”

Disha interrupted, “I feel this song had something unique about it. It attracts me to it.”

“Yes! Correct! I knew you feel the exact same way as me!”, Paru relief with excitement.

“No. It‘s just that you have told me this for the 25th time now, each for a different song. Isn’t that amazing?”, said Disha plainly. Looking at the seriousness on Paru’s face she added, “Although it is good to be attracted by new things. After all that is what fills the void in life and makes it more exciting.”

  • Siddarth

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