Why religion!?

Why even news websites have articles with such headings!? It's more important for the people to know people from which religion were killed rather than hat their was a suicide bomber who killed people? Is this the way we have come to live now...?

Microsoft Andromeda?

Microsoft Surface device, code-named "Andromeda", is planned to be released sometime in 2018 or early 2019. The device is expected to come with a dual-screen display, since it had been seen multiple times in patents for a 'pocket-able Surface device'. It is believed that the device will be one of a kind, further blurring the … Continue reading Microsoft Andromeda?

E-Bikes: Verve+ by Trek

Comparing to different pre-made E-bikes, Verve+ is one of the cheapest solutions at a mere $2,300. Adding a battery and electronic drive system usually costs much more for a functional & lasting E-bike. The Verve+ can boosts to speed of 20 mph or 32 kmph and can have a maximum weight of 300 pounds! The … Continue reading E-Bikes: Verve+ by Trek

Information regarding data!

As recently as 2000, only 25 percent of data was stored in digital form. Less than a decade later, in 2007, that percentage had skyrocketed to 94 percent. And it has continued to rise since. Digitization dialed up the possibilities for data collection in a remarkable way. Ninety percent of the world's digital data has … Continue reading Information regarding data!

Blue Orange Moon – January 31st

#calendars #space #moon #celestial #eclipse #lunarevent #skygazing The moon will turn orange on January 31st to share the sight of a rare celestial spectacle! Being the second full moon of the month, hence called Blue Moon, and the first eclipse in the new year, this will be quite a view. The lunar event on January … Continue reading Blue Orange Moon – January 31st

Water – Health

#water #health #nutrition #body #warmwater #skin #hair #food #drink #facts Whoever you are, you probably drink water? Even if it is just a few glasses. Well, Every human is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to be healthy and maintain proper circulation in the body. Drinking warm water can be more … Continue reading Water – Health

Rich Dad Poor Dad

#RichDadPoorDad #RobertKiyosaki #writer #book #review #job #hardwork #marketing #business #invest Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing author, and little can be said why his books are best-"selling". The way he explains different situations, and beliefs with personal experiences is intriguing and enlightening. He believes that an individual can go only so far with talent/hard work, and … Continue reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

Another USS collision

#collision #news #navy #US #USSMcCain #JohnSMcCain #army #military #Singapore #7thFleet #Fitzgerald Yes. Another US Navy ship, USS John S. McCain, a guided missile destroyer, collided with Alnic MC, a Liberian flagged 183-metre long oil/chemical tanker. However, the ship was not loaded full of oil for cargo, which would have stopped any major incident. The incident … Continue reading Another USS collision

Leaf like insects – Phylliidae!

#fact #knowledge #Phylliidae #wikipedia #insect #leaves #leaf Did you know? Yes! There are leaf like insects, so similar that it will be hard to tell the difference if they didn't have head and feet. Here is a picture: Too hard to tell? The creatures were first found by Antonio Pigafetta, he mentioned: (Taken from Wikipedia) … Continue reading Leaf like insects – Phylliidae!

How big is the universe?

#universe #life #Earth #galaxy #SolarSystem #space #superclusters This is just an image of the article I was reading today. It basically showed how big the universe is, and our solar system is but a very very small part of it. So think big, and keep that passion alive in you! You can achieve anything you … Continue reading How big is the universe?