The Correct choice?

How do you choose, what is better, The option A that gives you money; Or B that gives you comfort, Which one, do you think, is sunny? Read more...

Can’t find Motivation?

Waking up in the morning, You are the first thing I desire; Even letting go of the soft blanket, Is tough without your presence sire. Motivation, having you in life, Helps you out a great deal; For some it is the trophy at top, For others it's to earn a meal. For some, there just … Continue reading Can’t find Motivation?

Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say, To find the solution and make; Between the clumsiness of reality, And the strictness of the fake. Night after night, I wake up, Wondering about the riddle of life; Placing my palm on my head, Slowly moving to the edge of knife. Things are not revealed, So do … Continue reading Our Weakness

Indirect paths

At the intersection, I am standing, Not knowing which way to go; Feeling the suffocation within, Which way does the life show? There are a variety of colors, And even more paths to take; Mind, which path do you want, And which ones are but fake.

My Salvation

Re-Thinking Life: Values

We live this wonderfully built life, That goes on every single day; As we ask for more and try, Our heart gives out a silent roar. The first thing to remember Joy, Or happiness as some might call; Be sure to never put this on risk, As it is the most important of all. Next … Continue reading Re-Thinking Life: Values

Past, Dark, Light, Fight!

The things of the past, That haunt us in the dark; Will lead to the light, Because of our will to fight.

Sleep: A bliss. A need.

What is the most peaceful moment, The time when you don't think; Or rather you stay in this fantasy world, That is nothing but a passing dream. Sleep is a boon for some, And for some it makes you weak; For some it rests your body, While for others it adds to the grief. For … Continue reading Sleep: A bliss. A need.

The month of October.

So October has come, the start of fall, Or the second Autumn in other parts; When the trees shed their leaves, Yet display their beauty in a new way. The month that starts with midterms, Whether you are in school or college; As days pass by, the cold also begins, And the blanket possesses you … Continue reading The month of October.

Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean, You earn different things as you grow; As a baby it is different than as a man, I wonder, what does life want to show. When you are born, you are held, You are embraced and pampered; You earn the love of everyone, During your tears or … Continue reading Earn: Reality