Does your shadow talk?

#ShortStory #shadow #mystery #family #home He stared again, looking behind him for a complete ten seconds. The voice of his mother got him back to the present. What had just happened. What was that. He went downstairs for dinner, shrugging it off. The light was brightly lit at the center of the table, as usual, … Continue reading Does your shadow talk?

Often we misread, misinterpret

#shortstory #life #mistakes #calm #notice #misread #forgive “Who are you? How can you just kick it like that? Why the hell did you kick it like that?” “It’s not my fault, I was walking and didn’t notice that I kicked it. I realized only after the kick had already happened.” “What the hell? How can … Continue reading Often we misread, misinterpret

The Giants beneath

#Story #mystery #giants #house #friend #love #drama Ravi hadn't told her yet. He had invited Fiona to his apartment on her day off but hadn't been able to speak a single word about it. Looking at her he couldn't help but think How much time has it been? Three years right? Three years since we … Continue reading The Giants beneath

Yoka, the farmer

#ShortStory #life #death #village #tragedy #thoughts The farmer, Yoka, was clearing the fields. It was harvest season and this time the crops were good. The weather had been perfect except for strong winds now and then, although not strong enough to uproot the crops. Yoka scanned the fields in delight and mumbled After so long... … Continue reading Yoka, the farmer

And it is but a forced smile.

#smile #forced #story #short #life #people #world #support #help #crowd He made a mistake, and was looking for help. Here and there, he looked, as the crowd passed by - Unmoved by life, nor moved by his problem. He eventually stops looking and gazes down, Thinking about his problem, What will be the appropriate solution? … Continue reading And it is but a forced smile.

Family. Business. Studies. Work. – 1

#Family #Business #Studies #Work #Story There were no words to describe, how happy he was. He had got accepted to such a prestigious college, he who hadn't ever lived outside his home without his family was going to travel to the other side of the world and study and live. His parents agreed to it, … Continue reading Family. Business. Studies. Work. – 1

When you were a child.

#ShortStory #drama #reality #child He ran across the room, still panting heavily. His clothes were beginning to show wet areas because of the perspiration. Looking at it again, he gasped and opened the door with a jerk. As soon as the door opened, he was out. He didn't dare to look back because in his … Continue reading When you were a child.

Family or Earning? or Earning for family? – A Short

#ShortStory #family #life #business #fiction #couple #hardWork Rohit said in a serious tone, "Don't call me now, I am in a meeting." Sona - "But this is important." Rohit was a bit angry now. He replied, "Are you serious? I am making money for the family. What can be more important than that? Stop calling. … Continue reading Family or Earning? or Earning for family? – A Short

A tough choice

#Family #Mission #Assassin  #Fantasy It was going to be a tough mission. He didn't want his sister to come because it could be very risky but didn't know how to stop her from coming. The night came when they had to leave. They both dressed up in their suits, Sean in black and Sandy in … Continue reading A tough choice

Life liked her

He was playing in the beach with other cousins when she arrived. He was in awe as he hadn't seen her before and stared at her in the mud-yellow colored dress from a distance. He couldn't concentrate on the game anymore. She came towards us and joined the game. He thought he had to play … Continue reading Life liked her