Nokia X5 launched!

The long-awaited Nokia X5 has been launched in China at a minimal price of around $199!

The phone comes equipped with Android Oreo, with face recognition and intelligent AI features.

Nokia X5 launched in China: here’s the full specs, and price
The phone is available in Black, White and Blue colors. With a 5.86 inch screen and a 19:9 HD screen ratio, people can’t find a similar feature at this price.
The phone features a 13 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera, with phase detection autofocus and LED flash. The front camera is 8 MP.
One of the most important features is the in-built AI system in the phone.
The phone supports screen-off fingerprint payment, which lets users open up apps with their fingerprint even if the screen is off, making “fingerprint payment in the lock screen state more convenient and faster”. The phone also has features like intelligent screen recognition, double-finger long-press on the screen that lets you break down articles and conversations into easy-to-select, copy, and search-for words.

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Rolls Royce EVTOL flying engine

Rolls Royce debuted its EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) concept in digital form at the Farnborough Airshow.

The system relies on 6 rotors that offer vertical and horizontal propulsion with a total of 500 kW electric power. The system includes a M250 engine, so it can be easily filled at airports.

The EVTOL can fly at speeds of 250 mph!

Data and Image courtesy: CNET – Rolls Royce EVTOL flying taxi

Want to take a better picture? Try Olloclip

This is one amazing gadget to improve the quality of the picture you take from your phone. Or rather iPhone X.

The Connected X Lens system, advances your iPhone X camera to another level. It has the ability to expand the reach of the camera for both a wider and closer field-of-vision.

Olloclip iPhone X photography set

Having a price tag of $99.99, the OlloClip comes with three different lenses, screen protector stand, caps, a mount and cleaning cloth.

It has a few lenses for the iPhone 8’s and 7’s as well. Be sure to check it out!

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HAL-like robot: CIMON

The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) was launched early this Friday to become the first personal, artificial intelligence powered companion in space!

At a weight of 5900 pounds, CIMON is a verbally communicative device, and will also communicate step-by-step instructions to astronauts during three planned science experiments. It will return to Earth on December 13.

As is common knowledge about the group think effect, in which humans that spend long periods of time in isolation are driven to make irrational decisions, it is believed that robots like CIMON can help counteract such a situation and prove useful in the working of the space station. CIMON can help mitigate the disorientation astronauts may feel in space.

Data by HAL-like robot CIMON to help astronaut

Microsoft Andromeda?

Microsoft Surface device, code-named “Andromeda”, is planned to be released sometime in 2018 or early 2019.

The device is expected to come with a dual-screen display, since it had been seen multiple times in patents for a ‘pocket-able Surface device’. It is believed that the device will be one of a kind, further blurring the line between a Personal Computer and a Handheld Mobile device.

Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with stylus input for Andromeda, so that the device could fold over like a book and a pen could be used to capture digital ink.

Although it is not clear if the company will use Intel or Qualcomm for the final device, it is experimenting with Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) processor.

Microsoft first launched its Surface lineup of 2-in-1 tablets back in 2012, and only launched the first actual laptop in the series last year.

Credits: NDTV Gadgets

E-Bikes: Verve+ by Trek

Comparing to different pre-made E-bikes, Verve+ is one of the cheapest solutions at a mere $2,300.

Adding a battery and electronic drive system usually costs much more for a functional & lasting E-bike. The Verve+ can boosts to speed of 20 mph or 32 kmph and can have a maximum weight of 300 pounds!

The bike is fitted with Bosch products such as:

Bosch Active Line Motor: It offers 40 Nm of torque and the right amount of support for a smooth ride. The motor is 250-Watts.
Bosch Powerpack: The lithium-ion battery is 400 Wh. It can be charged halfway (50%) in only 1.5 hours, while the full charge takes up to 3.5 hours. It is easy to remove and replace.
Bosch Purion Display: Below you can see the picture of the Purion display with a fully functional speedometer, service interval and battery charge indicator.

The wheel rims are Bontrager connection alloy, 32h, while the tires are Bontrager H5 Hard-case Ultimate 700 x 45 c.

The bike is 9 speed with Bontrager saddle, grips, stem and pedals. Read more information here.

Data & Image Courtesy: Verve+ by Trek