This is Siddarth (Sid). A reason for this blog is to share my thoughts with different people. I think it is my way of connecting to the people whom I am not able to reach.

I usually wonder, what to do and why to do it. Do you have such questions in your mind? And after a few minutes I just quit the thought and resume what I was already doing.

I believe that is life. To keep doing what we are doing, and enjoy it at the same time.
To be present.
Still what do you like to do? At present, I feel like their is a lot of things I am interested in. So I divided them up, and currently I am looking to work on my fitness/sports. I have had an appreciation for outdoor sports for as long as I can remember.

Also, I have decided to take up painting and learn it, mainly on weekends as drawing/painting has always been a soothing experience for me.

Other than that, I have been trying to learn French lately, as it will be beneficial for my business. And it’s a new language!

Besides all this, there is one important thing that I understand, everyone should do. That is to read books. Just read, I prefer non-fiction, but start reading something. It can improve vocabulary, improve grammar, improve your thought process, make you understand things and much more!

You need to start thinking like the person you want to become, and then you will be able to utilize each and every second to the fullest.

Hope you all enjoy my blog! If possible, share the posts you like!

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