Cargo ship hits US Navy destroyer

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This is strange.

A US destroyer ship was severely damaged, and seven of the sailors were missing after a cargo ship hit it at night time about 103 kilometers southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. The mid-right side of the USS Fitzgerald was damaged, while the Phillippine-registered cargo ship ACX reportedly had scratches on the left side of its bow.

After the damage, the USS Fitzgerald had limited propulsion and there was flooding in three compartments. The USS harbors more than 200 crew members, out of which 7 were reported missing and 2 sustained injuries, including the captain.

USS Dewey, medical assistance, Navy tugs and naval aircraft were dispatched to help the crew of the destroyer.

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A US warship getting hit by a cargo ship. This is like an elephant walking in the night who mistakenly steps on a sleeping cheetah.

Plane wreckage found by Myanmar Military

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Myanmar’s Military found a plane wreckage in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Launglon (Southern Myanmar). The plane was flying from the southern city of Myeik to Yangon, an important commercial city in Myanmar, when it disappeared.

The plane was carrying 122 people, and only a few bodies have been found as of yet. More than half the occupants were from military families, soldiers and their families. Nine navy ships and three air force planes had been dispatched when the plane went missing on Wednesday afternoon.

However, there haven’t been any reports of stormy weather in the area, so the plane crash is still under investigation. The pilot had more than 3,000 hours of flying experience and the plane was new, considering it was bought in March 2016 and had only flown 809 hours.

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Please pray for the deceased.

Surprisingly, the plane debris was found north of the last known location of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. This is strange.

17 year dies in hit-and-run

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This is really sad. And this has been happening a lot in India in the recent months.

A speeding Mercedes car, in the Paschim Vihar area of Delhi [INDIA], knocked down a 17-year-old boy riding a scooter. This resulted in instant death for the boy. Eyewitnesses told the police that the incident happened around 11pm on Sunday, and the driver fled the scene after the accident. (Wow. We have another one here with no regard for human life.)

The victim, Atul Arora who had just graduated 11th standard, was heading home after dropping a friend when the accident happened.

Only recently, an overspeeding BMW rammed into an Uber cab killing it’s driver. Another event happened that took the life of four people in an autorickshaw who were hit by a speeding Audi.

And the affluent ones, they don’t care about this. As long as they are safe, no one cares for the safety of others. Such things are wrong.

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Pickup plows into crowd at Mardi Gras Parade!

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A pickup truck plowed into a crowd of spectators on Saturday evening around 6:45 pm at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. 28 people were injured, however no injuries were life-threatening and police said that the incident was due to drunk driving.

A police officer and a 3-year old child were among those hurt, the police said, and seven of the injured declined to be taken to a hospital. Five people were being treated to be taken to a hospital. Five people were being treated at trauma centers, the police added, and seven hospitals had received injured spectators.

It was noticed that the pickup struck two vehicles, which caused one of the vehicles to hit a third. The driver of the pickup lost control, drove over a median and struck a city dump truck and several pedestrians.

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What is it? Was it already dead?

I cried. Just looking at him made me cry. I went past him and didn’t think of it again.

Yes, that’s what happens when you see animals lying next to a highway. The blood had been splattered by other vehicles, and the (some) animals eventually manage to make it to the corner of the road. Their legs, or tails covered in blood, at times even their heads. They lay down their exhausted body and pray for a miracle. A miracle to just get healed, somehow.

They see other vehicles going past them, moving at such high speeds that they don’t want to see or feel anything anymore, but they are helpless. The body is exhausted, and trying to heal. It can’t move even a centimeter from that position. What if a vehicle suddenly drives on top of them? After all they were still on the road even if it was an inch or two across the white lines. They would often wonder, why do these two-legged creatures make a white line on the side of the road. Is it so that vehicles don’t cross that line and stay on the road? No. That doesn’t seems to be so. Maybe the cars are supposed to be driven on top of the white line? But not many people do that then. I wonder what it is used for. Probably to make it brighter in the night when vehicles come by.

The animal lays down, on the side of the road. It tries to look up but the head is exhausted and it doesn’t have the strength to lift it. All it could see by rolling it’s eyes is the passing of something black and circular. And very fast. Was that the thing that hit me? I think something similar drove on top of my tail. It hurt. A lot. Why did I come here? Since I look different, am I not considered a living creature? Do I need to learn how to walk on two legs? But if I do, will I be able to live? Will I be able to sit in those big things? I have seen other creatures like me who are sometimes sitting in the vehicle and I can see their faces. They look happy. Maybe they have mastered the way to walk on two legs. I need to try it too.

Oh, It looks like I won’t be able to do it. My back hurts and blood is coming out from my body. I can’t move it. I am trying to lick it to stop the blood from coming out but it is not working. Maybe the wound is very deep this time. It hurts. It wanted to look up at the sky, the moon and stars. What is that I see shining above? Are those stars? Or the moon? But it looks too near to be the moon. What is that? I can’t see the sky because of it. But it is so bright, it is lighting me up.

There goes another vehicle. I wonder how many have passed till now. I lost count after ten. They run at such high speeds. Oh, the light is gone. I can look up at the moon and stars now. It tried to raise his head but still it didn’t lift. I suppose the injury is too deep. What is this light again? Is it morning again? I might not be able to see the moon and stars anyway now, so it doesn’t matter if I am not able to lift my head.

It heard a faint sound. Rolling it’s eyes, it couldn’t see anything coming in front of it on the road. The sound was still faint but it seemed like it was approaching very fast. For some reason when it had it’s ears touching the road it could hear the sound, but when it straightened it’s head on the road, it couldn’t hear the sound in the air.

Now it could hear the sound in the air. It was approaching fast it seemed.

Something big was coming with high speed. Why is this vehicle so big? Even bigger than the other ones? Oh, wait a minute, this is a different vehicle. But I just see these big ones in the night and not in the day. It looks so different in the day. And it drives faster in the day.

The vehicle swished here and there, and “by mistake” drove the right tire of the truck right on the head of the lying animal. The passengers looked at the corpse in their rear-view mirror and said, “I didn’t know it was lying there. Was it dead already? I am sorry.”

And no one remembered it after this.

Please, help animals. Road/Traffic accidents form only a small part of animal deaths, many are intentionally killed and other burned or worse.

Help an animal you see, or help your local animal shelter by volunteering for just a few minutes in a week. Please Share.

Russian Military plane crash, no deaths

A russian military plane crash landed on Monday while approaching an Arctic airport, about 30 miles from the town of Tiksi in the Sakha-Yakutia region on the Laptev Sea. The plane occupants, 39 in total, had 32 passengers and 7 crew members, were injured during the incident but no one had died. 32 were said to be hospitalized, including 16 who were in grave condition. A II-76 aircraft equipped with life-support had been sent to Tiksi to bring the injured to the main military hospitals in Moscow for treatment.

The plane had landed in the tundra and broken up, but didn’t catch fire.

The Russian defence ministry said that the plane was a II-18 turboprop, a four-engine passenger plane designed in the 1950s. They are old but some are still in service with the Russian military for transportation. Although the plane’s data recorders were recovered, the cause of the crash couldn’t be concluded. It might be the local strong winds at fault or faulty equipment in the aircraft. Read the full article here.

Another Short Story

He tried to blink his eyes. His vision was blurry. He could feel the blood over his eyes and face. He wiped the blood with his bare hands and then tried to pick himself up. There was a space left through the broken window. He would have to squeeze himself through it, he thought. He tried to reach the opening but something was blocking the path. It felt like he was being pulled back. He looked down and saw that a part of the seatbelt was still wound up around him. He had no idea how to pull himself through that. The buckle couldn’t be found and the latch was still tight. At last he surmised that there was only one way to get out. He picked up a piece of glass lying in front of him and started to cut through the belt. After about five minutes, the slow and steady process resulted in a dull snap and the belt came off. The right part of it rolled itself back inside like a snake running back into its hole. The wind had dried all the blood and none was rolling down his forehead, though the hand that had held the glass piece a while ago was bleeding profusely. He realised he will eventually bleed out if he didn’t stop the blood. Now he needed to find a piece of cloth. He looked around, there was a salwar cloth lying near the other seat. It was stained red with blood. Not caring about that, He reached out to it with ease and wrapped it around his hand. While accomplishing such a feat he was also thinking how that piece of cloth ended up there and what was it doing in his car in the first place. His memory seemed fuzzy and he couldn’t remember anything before the incident.

The broken shards of glasses made a crunching sound. He turned around but didn’t see anything near him. Again, there was this sound as if someone was walking with boots on the broken glass. He saw a faint silhouette of a person through the broken window. The person was wearing orange trousers and black boots. He hesitated. At last a guy in a government rescue clothes bent down and said, “Hi, I am James Bond, Are you feeling alright?”. He wanted to shout, “Of course he wasn’t okay!” but he couldn’t gather the energy to speak that much. He just said in a low voice, “Please get me out of here” and then laid down his head on the ground, exhausted after the coming-out-of-seatbelt-process. James felt sorry after hearing that barely audible request for help. He cracked the window slowly so as not to send pieces of glass flying on the person and pulled him out with ease. He saw the bloodied hands, it felt it had been slashed with a piece of glass. A part of the seatbelt was lying next to the man, and then James realised just what this man had been doing. He couldn’t look away from the hands that were still bleeding slowly, soaking the salwar cloth with blood. James rested the mans body on the stretcher. He asked him who else was in the car. The man didn’t understood the question, in fact the truth was that he couldn’t remember anything. He was lying face upwards with his eyes open, trying to remember anything, any scrap of memory that he might find in the remotest part of his mind, but all was in vain. He gave up, tears rolled down his eyes. He wasn’t able to understand the meaning of these tears, were they here because he had been saved? Were they really tears of joy? Or was something else the matter? He couldn’t think and eventually passed out within a minute.

James asked the two medics to carry him to the ambulance. He then looked at the back door of the car. Their was indeed blood around but was it that mans blood or was there someone else inside? He bent down, took an iron rod and tried to open the door. After putting the pressure about the fifth time the door screamed and finally fell off. He was shocked to see what was inside. There was a woman and she was covering a child, wrapping herself around him so as to protect that child from everything. He quickly took the child and then pulled the woman out. None of them were breathing. The child had no injuries and didn’t seem to have sustained any head blows but it was still not breathing. He couldn’t understand why. He tried to remember what he had seen when he had first cracked open the door. He gasped. His mouth was open in shock. He remembered the position the woman was in and where exactly the child was lying. He understood. He kicked the car with his foot, angry, on himself, on God, on everyone! The woman might have tried to save the child from any external and internal injuries by covering it tightly but because of that she hadn’t realised that she was suffocating the child. And while she was still holding the child she might have passed out or probably died while unintentionally killing the child as well.

James felt terrified, and tears welled up. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. He looked up at the sky as if searching for the ‘Why’. He couldn’t understand why. He gave up and asked one of the medics to help him out with the bodies. The walk back to the ambulance with the bodies of the child and the woman on a stretcher, felt like the longest walk of his life, as if the time had intentionally slowed down to the millisecond and was intentionally trying to make him feel the prick of all the needles of this world. James sat down in the front seat of the ambulance and asked the driver to hurry to the hospital. He felt pissed but he was helpless.