The Mobile Poem: Reality

You are my morning, and my noon,
You are the evening, even under the moon;
The love of this life might never stop by,
I assure that you are mine from July to June.

Always staying here holding my hand,
You come in different designs;
When I look at you, you look at me,
But it happens only certain times.

The faster you are, the more the price,
Coming out in liquid display screens;
You can run so many applications,
Luring me in more and more.

There is Apple, and Samsung,
And there are hundreds of others that say;
You are the best and price is better,
In the end, the one of you I buy, stays.

Watching so many videos in a day,
Some educational and others entertaining;
You let me look at you all day long,
And yet, it is my eyes that start paining.

I have played a lot many apps,
Specially those that are called games;
You let me play what you can process,
Whether PUBG or clash of clans battle grounds.

Then are the sleepless nights I held you close,
Close enough that you heard me and others;
Whether we fought, agreed or joked,
You were always there all along.

Even though I have dropped you at times,
Or even hit you when the net didn’t work;
You still held on to me without giving up,
Even though I didn’t had as many perks.

As I still hold and type these lines,
Thinking about what you can do;
I wonder and think about my life,
Have I ever spent this much time with someone too?

The time has come, two years passed,
A feeling of getting another captures the heart;
Still looking at you, I think about your worth,
Then I go to the shop to exchange you for a new part.