Armed suspect held at Orlando Airport

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A man was screaming on the ground floor near the rental car area of the airport, in the International Terminal, as the cops surrounded him. He pulled out a gun saying, “You’re going to need mental therapy after this.”

It was around 7:24 when the first floor of terminal ‘A’ was cleared by the officers. Police had their weapons drawn at the airport which created a panic among people. And all the roads to the airport were eventually shut down.

Fortunately, no shots were fired either by the man or the police, and things were negotiated with the help of a crisis negotiator. And it turned out that the gun of the suspect was fake.

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That is good to know. No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

Israel strikes a Syrian airport

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Israeli warplanes stuck a weapons supply hub operated by Lebanese group Hezbollah near Damascus airport on Thursday, targeting arms sent from Iran in commercial and military cargo aircraft. The Israel media said that anti-aircraft missiles intercepted a target, what appeared to be an unmanned drone, over the Golan Heights. This was the second Israeli interception of a target coming from Syria.

Israeli missiles hit a military position southwest of an airport east of Damascus, which caused explosions and material losses. Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said that the incident in Syria corresponds completely with Israel’s policy to act to prevent Iran’s smuggling of advanced weapons via Syria to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is a close ally of Syria and Tehran, and an enemy of Israel. Israel describes Hezbollah as a group to be the biggest threat to Israeli borders.

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This is amazing. Israel going ahead and blowing up something as per it’s wish.

Airport named after Christiano Ronaldo!

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Christiano Ronaldo said that he felt very happy and honoured while attending the tribute laid on by his home town. The island changed the name of the airport from Madeira Airport to Christiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport.

Ronaldo told the people attending the event that he knew that some people didn’t support the decision for the name change, but he will always endeavour to bring respect for Portugal and especially Madeira.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez said that the decision to rename the airport in honor of Christiano Ronaldo implicates responsibility, but inspires confidence.

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I would like to say that he deserved it, he has been an amazing footballer and still continues to inspire millions. Heck, even I tried to learn soccer watching his videos (until I figured I am not cut out for the sport, I like tennis more 🙂 )