There is always something around,
Standing behind my back;
Something that keeps up with me,
Staring me from the ground.

As the day passes, it changes,
But it is always attached to me;
Sometimes, I see it below my hands,
At times, below my feet I see.

The shadow always lurks around,
Like another me, who is empty;
Yet it is always around for me,
Making me a little less lonely.

It stays with me whether I fail,
Or on days I hear about my success;
It is with me during a disaster,
Or during the time of the fest.

One would say it always supports us,
Not speaking anything, yet following around;
But the question remains of its purpose,
And why is it so dark within.

Perhaps it stays there to judge us,
And watch our actions through the life;
At the end, we need to answer,
So that we get a pillow or a knife.

Now, if you do something, think of it,
Think of the shadow that watches you;
Whether it is for your own benefit, or others,
This creature watches our old-selves or new.