Is this even Love?

This feeling of hate, what was it about,

It came for a moment, after the rejection;

A moment ago, I had held out the rose,

But now it were my eyes, that were red.

And yet, the answer came with a pain,

Not sadness, But it was mere anger;

Why was this, and I stupidly asked,

Does love not have any healing?


Seven Sins

Let’s write about it today,
The sins that no one would want;
And yet, it is there in us,
Unintentionally, we do make a bond.

First comes the pride,
A little bit is fine;
But too much can cause,
To kill any relation’s shine.

The next comes the envy,
Which causes you to hate;
And you are never satisfied,
Because you want what others have.

Third is gluttony,
Which makes you slow;
Just eating all the time,
Will never let you glow.

Lust is another one,
Which comes with creepiness;
Drowning so beneath,
That you lose your manliness.

The next one comes any time,
Depending on your character;
Whether you are at office or party,
Anger can be the worst director.

Now you want money,
However much isn’t enough;
Greed has encased your heart,
It doesn’t let you donate, or love.

As the name suggests,
Sloth will come at the last;
Even if it’s a feet or two,
Like a koala you are fast.

So these are the seven sins,
That each of us have;
Depending whether little or more,
Defines how we behave.



There is this feeling inside you,
That you keep within yourself;
Because if revealed it can cause havoc,
And pull out the trembling within.

How does this feeling arise,
Because you just had a fight?
With the person sitting next to you,
as they kept disturbing you.

Or was it because you were playing,
And the power went out;
Suddenly all the progress you had made,
Had drained to nothing from ten.

Was it because you were working,
And had just found the mistake, the bug;
But as soon as you had corrected it,
The computer suddenly hung up.

Maybe you just had a fight,
With one of your colleagues;
Because they sat on the desk,
That you had been sitting in.

No, it was because you had a fight,
And she didn’t reply you back;
After she had cancelled the date,
That you had so perfectly planned.

There is always this feeling,
There always comes this anger;
That we have to hide within,
Because letting out will be a danger.

But apart from this you must learn,
Learn to forgive all of them;
For that, which has caused anger today,
Can be the sweetest thing tomorrow friend.