Journal #14

“Always have a vision. Be passionate, Act confident even when you are not.” – Larry Ellison

Day 14. March 11th.

Motto of the day – “Don’t be scared to follow your dreams. And never doubt it.”

Started today with a jog and Freelectics again. It’s the daily grind that counts. Then went to work, fixed a few issues, talked to a customer, payment to a supplier and more on.

What do you do when a customer doesn’t reply back to you either on email or WhatsApp? What doe it mean? I need to find a solution how to fix this.

What do you think about Mercedes GLC? I feel it is an impressive car. It’s either Volvo XC60 or GLC. Any suggestions?

Later in the vending, had dinner. I had been having this headache today, and feeling very alone. (Sometimes I really wished I had a girlfriend but then I don’t know if that’s the right thing considering it is a time commitment)

Watched an episode of Dororo and wondered what my goals are. I need to have a fix sight at my goals (Suppose your goal is to run faster then break it down by what speed you want to achieve first or what competition you want to win first).

Goals for this year:

  1. Running (Achieve a speed of 30 km/hr)

  2. Body (A toned body with proper muscle structure)

  3. Invest (Start with around $1500)

  4. Learn more about the business and entrepreneurial environment

What are your goals for this year? Do you think they are achievable?


#AttackOnTitan #Anime #dream #life #moveOn

So yeah, I heard this in an anime.

He is just a kid. Tends to dream bigger than life really wants him to.


Ever heard of the term Hammerspace?

#Fiction #Anime #Games #Hammerspace #Extra-Dimensional

Well ever wondered how to characters and cartoons can produce objects out of thin air?

Hammerspace is an extradimensional, instantly accessible storage area in fiction, which is used to explain how animated, comic, and game characters can produce objects out of thin air.

Just imagine you are able to compress matter and carry innumerable small objects (which in reality are as big as skyscrapers) in your inventory, then you have the ability to be able to build an entire city with just the inventory.

Read the full article here.

Bleach (Gin Ichimaru)

To grasp another person’s heart and to control their future actions is rather easy, just unveil their past. By doing so you limit their choices and make it easy to predict their next moves. Jealousy, Hate, Disgrace, Shame, we are endlessly harassed by days long gone and our supposedly bright future is wasted in cleaning up the mistakes of our foolish pasts.

The truth and fascination of swordfighting!

Many of us haven’t even seen a real sword but we think that we all know about sword fighting. Evidently, sword fighting isn’t as it is displayed in TV, movies, anime, fiction books and so many other sources.

We hear shouts and cries, see the hero charge in with all rage, but that’s not how it works. Ancient people hardly went on the defensive with their swords and even less would exchange blows between swords.

Here is an excellent article that tells you what real swordfighting is about, and how, if you want, can you learn to be a better sword fighter both mentally and physically. Swordfighting is actually a progession even now and needs to get proper devotion to achieve its mastery.