Journal #3

“Take the leap. Push yourself and do whatever you need to do. Getting over your fear is the key to moving forward and being successful.” – Simon Huck

Today is the third day! In short, now it is slowly becoming a habit. SO how was your day?
My day started with a jog again, followed by a 30 minute freelectics session! This was certainly better than yesterday (with only jog).
Then went to study, have got a marketing assignment to plan/sell a tour package of my city to a fictional individual/family. Let’s see how it goes.
Office was okay, it is very hard to establish a relationship with a customer, and very easy to break it. So think twice before you say or write anything!

Coming home watch an episode of ‘The umbrella academy’ on netflix. Seriously, I need to be a little productive and read a book.

Also my parents 25th anniversary is in a week, but I am not able to make my mind on any particular gift. Choosing gift is such a difficult task. Any ideas?

Quick Tip: Always drink a couple of glasses of warm water when you wake up. It helps keep the stomach clean if you continue this habit.