Truecaller to get Video calling with google’s support

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Truecaller has tied up with Google to integrate Google Duo within the Truecaller app.

Along with Google Duo video calling, Truecaller will redesign its Android app with a broader array of features, including SMS filter, Flash messaging and Truecaller Pay.

SMS filter will allow the user to instantly see who has sent an SMS and allows it to filter out all spam messages. Flash messaging will allow to send quick pre-defined messages to any Truecaller user.

Truecaller Pay, this is like the Indian version of Venmo, allows any android user in India to send or receive money securely over their mobile phone.

Truecaller also partnered with Airtel. Airtel Truecaller ID is the extended version of caller ID feature for Airtel users who use feature phones.

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Where did the Pokémon Go for Apple iWatch go

Developer Ninatic revealed Pokémon Go at Apple’s iPhone 7 event. But what Ninatic showed during the event was an unfinished port as per he sources. This is strange as it was described as a companion app having features such being able to tap the Apple Watch as you approached a PokeStop.

Pokémon Go developer Ninatic revealed on twitter that the app will still come to iWatch but the exact date or other details about the release was not mentioned.

At his point Ninatic hasn’t given detailed about why it stopped the development of the Pokémon Go iWatch app. In a email response from Ninatic, the respond regarding the app was “If demand for an Apple Watch port increases, we will continue development of a port.”

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